BGM 100W power amplifier(USB-100P)
BGM 100W power amplifier(USB-100P) Power Amplfier  Johor Bahru (JB), Johor, Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Karaoke Store
  1. Model: USB-100P
  2. Output Power: Peak power 100W
  3. Physical Dimension: 48.5*34*10CM
  4. Output Method: Set resistance (4-16 Ohm)Constant pressure 70-100V 6 partition constant pressure independent volume
  5. Audio input: Mic x3, External sound source x2, USB, Radio
  6. Frequency response: 20-20KHz±0.5dB
  7. Harmonic distortion: ≤0.5% 1KHz
  8. Signal to noise ratio: ≥78dB
  9. Input voltage: 220±5V 50-60Hz

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